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Pictures speak louder than words, so get a tattoo that loudly proclaims who you are. The artists from Freedom Ink Tattoo create beautiful designs that show off your personal tastes and history.

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You should always make sure you know and trust your artist before committing to a tattoo. Contact our team in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to learn more about our experience, style, and prices.

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All Artists Renew Permits Yearly

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Express your unique style with the team from Freedom Ink Tattoo, a tattoo parlor in Jacksonville, North Carolina. At our studio, we artfully create your custom tattoos while we we maintain a one-on-one relationship with every client, treating you like family. Our artists are dedicated to your satisfaction, so we will always tell you if we can't do a certain design or think you would be better served by a different studio. In the time we have been open, we have always received great feedback, and have never had a disappointed customer.

Contact our tattoo parlor to decorate your body with beautiful works of art.

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